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Why Submit a Link to The Acorn Online Guide


The exponential growth of the internet means that there is a vast quantity of information freely available to the general public. Information that may once have been very difficult to obtain is now readily available to anyone with access to the internet, at the click of a button, in the comfort of their own homes, at any time of the day or night.

Their is no doubt that the internet has become a tremendous asset to society offering users a vast database of unlimited resources on just about evey topic you can think of.

As a result of the explosion in the number of websites the search engines no have to work much harder to deliver relevant results to their users search queries and the have developed complex systems for this, getting ever more clever as they evolve. However the one thing that search engines can not do is to differentiate between the quality of the content. Once upon a time it was simply a case of stuffing the page full of keywords and phrases to get your website at the top of the results page and this was taken advantage of by many poor quality sites that were simply full of ads.

To overcome this the search engines decided to let their human users tell them where the quality content sites were.

How to they do this?

If we visit a site and it provides good quality content to our search query, then it is very likely that we may wish to share that site with our freinds or family. To do this we will very often post a link to that website to let other people know about it. The search engines count aech link as a 'vote' for the quality of the sites content.

Webmasters can help the search engines find their content more readily by getting as many good quality 'votes' for their website as possible and listings in a search engine freindly directory can help them do this.

Not all directories are search engine freindly but when you submit a URL to the Acorn Online Guide it is optimized for search engines to find that link which may be counted as a vote for your site. Unlike many web directories we guarantee that your site is not simply listed in a page with 100s of other links which are unlikely to ever be found as we have a maximum of 20 links per page. You can also be assured that your site will only be listed alongside other good quality contend websites as we do check each listing for quality. 

We offer 3 types of listings to suit all requirements and all budget levels. If you budget is limited, we do accept free listings for 1 year terms in return for a reciprocal link back to the Acorn Online Guide.

One way links to your site without a reciprocal link are likely to have more 'vote' value so to obtain additional SEO advantages we offer Featured listings which are good quality SEO one way links at a very reasonable cost. We guarantee that they will remain valid for at leats 3 years. We have a maximum of 10 Featured links in each category and these are listed in the prime positions within the Acorn Online Guide.

Articles authors are rewarded with wide exposure for publishing high quality articles that may be of interest to our visitors to the Acorn Online Guide.



Free Link With Reciprocal - free

Recieve a free listing for your website in the Acorn Online Guide. Listing are Free for a period of 1 year and require a reciprocal link back to the Acorn Online Guide. Free links are listed in order of page rank.


Featured Listings - $35 / 3 Years

 ***$17.50 for a limited time - Don't miss our 1/2 price introductory offer***

Featured Listings are placed in Premium positions within the Acorn Online Guide. They do not require a reciprocal link and remain valid for a minimum period of 3 years.

Featured links give additional visibility for your site with a maximum of 10 premium links listed at the top of each category above regular listings.


Articles - $7.50 and Free* / Unlimited

Achieve optimum visibility by submitting your best articles. Articles do not expire.


Submit an Article

Submit a Link


*Free articles may include only one author submitted link in a signature at the bottom, The Acorn Online Guide may add up to 2 aditional text links within the text body of the article.

Upgrade to a premium article submission to replace the 2 additional text links with your own text links.